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New York Times

Students Are Learning Well Again. But Full Recovery? That’s a Long Way Off.

Students, teachers, and schools are looking for ways to reach academic milestones after the pandemic.

By the end of last year, many students were struggling to reach the academic milestones they should’ve reached had Covid not interrupted it. Because students were not able to learn as much online, there have been steep learning losses all around the globe. If these losses become permanent, there will be “profound consequences.” To make up for these losses, a school in Tennessee implemented tutoring to boost learning in challenging the end of the year, they improved significantly and were “on track” for their grade level. However, tutoring alone won’t solve these problems. In low-income and Black, Hispanic, and Native households, the already existing gap, caused by lack of resources and less access to early education, has increased. Educators and teachers are working to increase help for the students who need help, so that they can make up for lost learning from the pandemic.

Source: New York Times