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As Student Engagement Falls, Colleges Wonder: ‘Are We Part of the Problem?’

What if schools are contributing to student disengagement?

During the pandemic, many schools have adopted an “asynchronous,” “self-paced” format to let students learn at their own pace. However, what if this is the cause of growing student disengagement? Online courses are valued for their flexibility, but for students who struggle with multitasking and procrastination, this may be a major struggle point. To combat this, schools can send “nudge messages” as reminders, or set up a similar system online. However, the most effective way to combat disengagement is to foster meaningful relationships with students. This way, both the students and educator can feel more engaged in their teaching and learning. Similarly, a community of mentors can check in with students on their goals and struggles, helping their academic journey. Helping students engage is crucial to solving student disengagement.

Source: EdSurge