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A Practical Framework for Team Projects in Classrooms

This article reveals 3 practical tips for educators to apply immediately into their teachings in order to create a framework for successful team projects in the classroom.

Build bonds to improve productivity

Student’s don’t just casually get along with each other instantly. Instead, have them bond through activities that will build connections and crucial trust. AskClass is a great example. Educators can foster a sense of teamwork among the students by using AskClass’ True or False and This or That games. Furthermore, students can retain information about their peers’ weaknesses and strengths that will be beneficial for the team projects. Students will have a sense of gratitude from bonding together, and as a result, they will demonstrate efficiency.

Observe progress and exhibit support

Struggles are common. Educators can demonstrate progressive support through consistently offering advice. Routine check-ins between educators and students can be used to ensure that everyone is on the same page because occasionally students may approach or go in the wrong direction. Regardless of the team’s effectiveness in working together, establishing an opportunity for students to share their work is important. However, students should also reach out for any assistance they need. With educators accessible and in the presence, students won’t be reluctant from reaching out.

Apply individual evaluations accordingly

Give individual students the grade they deserve. Although it is a team project, not all students will put in the same quality of work and effort. Techniques for peer evaluation can be used by educators to identify which students perform well and which fall short. Educators can better acquire information on how to grade by using tools such as creating rubrics at the start and presenting Typeform assessment forms at the end. Students will be more inclined to accomplish their work if they understand that they have criteria to reach and that their peers are assessing them.

In today’s world, companies look for candidates with effective collaboration skills. Helping the students understand and helping them collaborate well and effectively is critical in modern education. Being able to create an environment where students learn to work together effectively while making it sustainable for the educators is important. Team projects are here to stay.