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Six Strategies for Building Relationships with Students

Having a connection between teachers and students can create an environment where students are motivated to be successful.

  1. Learn names quickly and correctly

    A name is part of one’s identity and learning a student’s name quickly can leave a good impression.

    Getting names correctly shows that the teachers value and respect the students.

    NEVER give a nickname to a student, UNLESS they prefer that.

    NEVER give call your student by their students’ numbers, UNLESS they prefer that.

  2. Get to know your students

    Create an environment that allows students to represent themselves through their culture and hobby.

  3. Present student’s work

    Show the classroom a few of students’ best works to make the students feel their works are appreciated.

    This practice also motivates and encourages students to work harder.

  4. Change seats often

    Create an opportunity that allows students to interact and collaborate with different classmates.

  5. Find a way to connection

    AskClass is an EdTech tool that allows everyone to share their thought, opinion, feeling, etc.

    The tool has many game activities and open questions highlighting individual hobbies, interests, goals, etc.

  6. A good listener

    Small talk is necessary to break down the formality and awkward barrier.

Source: edutopia