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Teachers of the Year Say Educators Deserve More Trust

Three teachers chosen as the Teacher of the Year in their state talk with EdSurge about their observations on the teaching industry.

The teachers (Rivera, Aragaki, and Welch) all have had a similar approach to teaching during the pandemic. They sought authentic interactions with their students, believing that this connection positively impacted their learning. Through more conversations, exploring and discussing class content together, and going on virtual “field trips” during class, the teachers fostered relationships during a time of isolation. By listening intently to students’ stories and opinions, the teachers helped students feel heard. This helped students engage with their classes and learn despite the pandemic’s restrictions. To end the interviews, the teachers reflect on the current state of the teaching industry. The main message they express is that “teachers deserve more trust.” Sometimes, they feel like “teaching robots,” whose commitment to the classroom and students is taken for granted. They express a desire for a better representation of their opinions. The trio of teachers hope that they will be able to make an impact with their opinions and suggestions, since they are the ones who know teaching best.

Source: EdSurge